It’s done. Here’s a picture. Writing and more pictures to come later. Sleep now.




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  1. Uncle Mike says :

    Woohoo! Congratulations! You guys have completed a great feat. All of you must be so stoked. Celebrate with sleep.

  2. C. Ben says :

    Wow! What a great accomplishment! Congratulations.

    Can’t wait to see the pictures……and can’t wait to see you guys back in Jackson.

  3. Katy Padelford says :

    Congratulations, guys!! I have enjoyed reading your blog! What a tremendous adventure!

  4. Stephanie Batson says :

    Yeah!!! We are so glad for you. We have been following you and are glad you are there safe and sound. Let us know if you need a ride back to TN!!

  5. Sandra Givens says :

    The party was great. I was honored to meet all three of u. Hope u enjoyed the food. For me it was like a family reunion & a tribute to sociologist & full time Rver lytle givens. He enjoyed teaching guys like u 4 20 yrs @ Uu & loved to come home & share the thrill of the Uu community everyday. Thanx guys. It was the highlight of week 2 in Jax,tn. Thanx 4 the blog; I enjoyed every moment u shared in the blog. Now I need to slowly reread it. Originally I read about 7 wks in 24 hrs. I lost sleep. It felt like a novel I couldn’t put down. I’ll remember u; please let me know when u’re in middle Tn. I’ll have a pleasant treat awaiting u. Thanx 4 the memories!!!!!

  6. Peggy Steffel says :

    Wow! Very impressive! Photos were great. Glad you enjoyed the family at Port St. Lucie – only wish I could have been there. Your Aunt Peggy.

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