Okay. Will again. I’m going to try and cover everything that has happened in the last two days. I’m also going to try and do it quickly. We left Ann’s house on Melbourne with only 65 miles before our destination of Port Saint Lucie. Peter had distant relatives. The ride went well. We got one flat just a couple of miles from our destination. We arrived and met Violet. Some sort of cousin of Peter’s. we spent about 30 minutes trying to figure it out. She was very kind. She bought us burgers. Her son is a Titans fan! Her husband, Jeff, is Peter’s dads cousin. They were very hospitable and fun. We left there at 7:30 with a massive day ahead of us. We biked through neighborhoods containing houses that were massive! We were on the beach for miles. The wind cooled us down but also slowed us down. The view was spectacular. Just outside of our destination, We biked with a guy named Nate. He bought me a Gatorade and told me his touring stories of when he went with his friend from key west to Toronto. We shared anecdotes. He offered us dinner, unfortunately, we had just eaten an incredible burger. I owe Peter money for that monster. Anyways, we arrive on Fort Lauderdale and find out that Kevin and Maddie Reed lived much more inland than we first realized. It added an extra 15 miles to our one hundred mile day. We arrived in the dark to delicious shrimp and comfortable couches. Showers are still wonderful. I took some pictures of today. I can’t get them off my camera, sadly.

Know, I have to address how I feel about being done in two days. Honestly, it will be strange moving from living off of two wheels to loving off of two feet. I just can’t wait to be home. I’m excited to be able to say, “I have biked from Bar Harbor to Key West.” I know I should just enjoy the time I have left on the trip. I am doing that. However, two days from the end, it is nearly impossible. I’m just excited.



2 responses to “2”

  1. C. Ben says :

    Those of us who’ve been following your exploits are excited for you. What an adventure it’s been!

  2. Uncle Mike says :

    You guys are awesome.

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