Will again! So if you have been reading, you may remember the post about us staying Charleston. Drew and his wife Jenaye put us up. Drew along with his friends biked the East coast as well! Well, another one of the guys that Drew biked with lives in Jacksonville, so we stayed with him last night. At this point we feel like we know the team from CIU really well! His name was Grayson. Grayson was a great guy. He gave some good biking gear for free and fed us dinner and breakfast. We watched soccer with his roommate and went to bed. The next morning Grayson prayed for us and we set off for Daytona Beach. The ride was incredibly gorgeous. I was so overwhelmed by the scenery. We will post pictures from today’s ride soon. Peter’s phone is having technical issues. Josh got a lot of great shots. We biked right along the beach for fifty miles and made it to Troy Ray’s ministry in Daytona. Troy works has a ministry for the poor and needy called Halifax Urban Ministries. He put us up, with tons of food, at their headquarters with some comfortable cots. So comfortable that I am going to bed. Goodnight!

By the way! The countdown deems 5 more days of biking!!!




4 responses to “5”

  1. brobreak says :

    Enjoy these days! you will have hit a great accomplishment! and, you will miss it. take it all in!

  2. Shelli says :

    Have a fun, last few days!!!

  3. Dr. B says :

    Hope you guys enjoy the final leg of the trip in my home state. Congrats! Cue ZBB, “Jump Right In” when you reach the Keys! And tip your hats to Jimmy B when you reach Key West.

  4. Uncle Mike says :

    I’m counting down the days with you. I’m sure you’ll finish in time, but be safe. This ride will be something you’ll never forget.

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